Man killed by police after fatally shooting family dog, wife and injuring daughter

On Sunday, a man who has not been identified was shot and killed by police in Michigan after reportedly killing his wife, as well as their family dog, and injuring his daughter.

Early on Sunday morning, officers from the Walled Lake Police Department responded to reports of gunfire in a residential area. When the cops arrived at the residence located in the 1200 block of Glenwood Court, a man who was armed with a shotgun left the house and opened fire on the officers.

The police opened fire in retaliation, resulting in the man’s death. After searching the house, the officers discovered that the man’s wife as well as the family dog had been killed.

Authorities said the man’s daughter sustained injuries as well when she was hit by gunfire, and she was taken to a nearby hospital as soon as possible for treatment.

The authorities have not been able to identify any of the individuals who were engaged in the shooting, but they have said that the man appeared to have mental health issues.

The inquiry will be handled by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

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