Rape suspect in Georgia arrested with the help of a location-sharing app, alligator sign

The alleged victim of a rape in West Virginia was able to alert police of her location using a smartphone application and an alligator sign, which led to the arrest of a man in Georgia on rape charges.

According to the police in Coweta County, Georgia, a girl who is 17 years old met the suspect, Dalton Ramsey, online. A week ago, he made the kind offer to transport her to Pennsylvania to see her lover there. However, on the way back after picking her up, he made a pit stop at B.T. She was taken to Brown Reservoir Park, where her wrists were tied with tape, and she was sexually raped while being threatened with a knife.

“Somewhere along there, on their ride to Pennsylvania, they pulled off in Coweta County, and he raped her at knife point, and we were able to confirm the incident happened inside Coweta County,” Coweta County Sheriff’s Investigator Toby Nix said.

According to the investigators, Ramsey gave the victim permission to use her smartphone, which the victim then used to provide police with information about her whereabouts.

The girl’s boyfriend was the first person she told about her whereabouts. According to the investigators, her boyfriend did a fast search on Google to get an online photograph of an alligator warning sign that was posted for boaters at the reservoir. She said that she was aware of the notice that was posted outside of the closed park.

After that, after she and Ramsey were back on the road, she used an application known as Noonlight. Noonlight started following her phone’s movements and informed the police of her current position. The young woman used the app to search for “rape” and then provide a description of the car.

The security film, according to the investigators, showed Ramsey’s vehicle parked outside of the park.

On September 6, Ramsey was stopped over and detained in Habersham County, where he was brought into jail on allegations of abduction. The charges against Ramsey stem from an earlier incident. He is going to be sent to Coweta County, where he will face more charges.

He is being charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, rape, and abduction by the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, he is being charged with possessing a knife during the commission of a crime.

According to the authorities, the victim has been brought back together with her family.

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