Masked and armed man plotting to “restore Trump as President king” arrested at a Pennsylvania Dairy Queen

A Pennsylvania man was arrested at a Dairy Queen on Saturday for plotting to “return (Donald) Trump as President king of the United States.”

The Pittsburgh NBC affiliate WPXI said that Jan Stawovy, 61, vowed to murder “Democrats and liberals” and claimed he was defending himself from “drug dealers.”

Stawovy was apprehended in Delmont, about 20 miles east of Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that police received a report of Stawovy driving recklessly in the area.

When police caught up with Stawovy, he was wearing a rainbow clown wig and carrying a weapon inside a Dairy Queen.

WPXI reports that Stawovy was promptly apprehended inside the business. Police subsequently reported discovering two other firearms and more than 60 rounds in his car. Police said Stawovy did not have a license for the guns.

“Ofc. Stull detained the male and was able (to) prevent the possibility of a mass casualty incident,” Delmont police chief Timothy Klobucar said in a Facebook post. “I am grateful for Ofc. Stull’s fast response and actions (in) this incident that had the potential to end very differently.”

Stawovy was legally charged with terroristic threats, unlicensed weapon possession, and unruly behavior.

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