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Sixth annual Love Week held by Lakeshore Community Church

Love Week, an event that has been held annually by Lakeshore Community Church, was held for the sixth time. Love Week was first held in 2017, when the church decided to dedicate one week of the summer to encouraging the church’s members to put their beliefs into action.

In order to fulfill its mission of becoming Christ’s hands and feet on earth, the local church organizes teams consisting of hundreds of volunteers to go out into the community and express love to the people there without expecting anything in return. There were a total of 15 initiatives during the course of this year. A gathering of volunteers took place in order to pray, distribute food, clean, and serve. The Greece Police Department, the Monroe County Sheriff’s C Zone, the Gates Police Department, the Greece Fire Department, the Gavia Lifecare Center, Laundry Junction, Sawyer Park, Hope Lodge, Golisano Children’s Hospital, Homesteads for Hope, and a great number of other locations all over the community were some of the project sites.

A total of almost 10,000 hours were devoted to spreading the love of God across the community. The money that the church has set aside for the Making Waves mission covers a large proportion of the cost of the food and materials that are needed for these programs.

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