Texas military recruiter fatally shot by police after killing his wife

Authorities say that a military recruiter in the state of Texas shot and killed his wife while she was being questioned by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service about her claims of abuse by her husband.

According to reports from the Houston Chronicle, the incident took place on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. inside a residence located in the Balmoral neighborhood of the Atascocita community. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said that the female victim was talking with two NCIS agents when the suspect walked up and started shooting.

During the exchange of gunfire, one of the NCIS agents was hurt, and as of Thursday night, he was still in the hospital in fair condition. According to Harris, the second agent made it out of the encounter unscathed.

The mother, who was holding her baby at the time of the incident, was also hit by a bullet and was later pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Gonzalez, who spoke to KHOU about the incident, first responders found the kid still in the arms of its mother, completely unhurt when they arrived at the apartment.

The suspect left the site of the shooting in a car of a dark hue, but the cops were able to find him on Mist Lane at about 5 o’clock in the evening. After doing so, he left the truck while still holding the rifle and recommenced firing on the cops who were pursuing him.

According to Gonzalez, he was the victim of the ensuing gun battle, which resulted in his death. Before the tragic encounter with the cops, it is believed that he was on his way to see his mother.

No one who may have been involved has been found. There is now an investigation taking place into the incident.

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