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Man arrested for hitting a teenager with brick in NYC

According to police statements made on Sunday, a guy has been taken into custody for the unprovoked incident in which he hit a youngster in the head with a brick in Chelsea.

On September 12, 2018, Rayquawn Tillman, age 25, is accused of assaulting Ethan Maddi, age 18. According to the police, the incident took place.

According to a video that was made public by the police, Maddi was making his way along West 20th Street when Tillman approached him at Tenth Avenue, hitting him with a brick that he had taken from a tree bed along the sidewalk.

The kid at NYC Museum School was brought to Lenox Health Greenwich Village, where he received treatment for a fractured orbital bone beneath one eye. He was one of the students that was injured.

According to what Maddi’s mother was informed by the police, when Tillman went missing earlier this month, his mother searched for him online and saw his photo in several news reports. Tillman’s mother contacted the authorities to inform them that the guy seen on the surveillance film was in fact her son.

“He wasn’t taking his medication and was living on the street for two weeks,” said the victim’s mother, Indy Maddi. “They did facial recognition and were able to identify him.”

“I can only imagine what she’s feeling right now,” Maddi, 49, said of Tillman’s mother.

The woman is relieved that the man has been taken off the streets, but she still wants him to get the treatment he needs for his mental illness.

“Our concern is that a lot of these people get arrested and go back on the streets without getting help and the problem continues,” Indy Maddi said. “We are just waiting to find out what [is] the next step, make sure he gets treatment.”

As for her child, his eye seems to be getting better.

“He’s doing pretty well,” Maddi said. “This could have been so much worse.”

According to the police, Tillman has been charged with committing a felony assault.

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