Canadian company announces a $75 million lithium-ion battery plant in the southern part of Chautauqua County

A Canadian company that produces lithium-ion batteries has announced plans to establish a manufacturing plant in the southern part of Chautauqua County at a cost of $75 million. When fully staffed, the business is expected to employ 250 people.

Electrovaya, a publicly listed corporation with headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, announced that it will be locating the project in the Town of Ellicott, which had previously housed a manufacturing facility. In the fall of 2023, the factory should start making batteries that can be used in transportation and to store data for utilities.

The Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Raj Das Gupta, said that they are “pleased to assist the development of high-quality employment in Chautauqua County” and that they “look forward to our continuing expansion in Western New York.”

Officials from the state praised the initiative as an investment that would assist New York State’s aim to foster the development of “clean technology.”

The Excelsior Jobs Tax Credit Program, which is related to job development at the facility, will receive up to $4 million in funding from the Empire State Development Corporation. In addition, the Regional Council has committed capital funds in the amount of $2.5 million to the project.

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