California man arrested on suspicion of kidnapping four members of a family

On Tuesday, a man who is accused of kidnapping four members of a family in California, including a girl who is eight months old, was taken into custody. However, the family has not been located.

According to the investigation, Jesus Manuel Salgado, 48, used one of the victims’ credit cards on Tuesday morning at an ATM in Atwater, which is located around 70 miles east of San Jose.

The cops didn’t have to search for him for very long before they found him.

“Prior to law enforcement involvement, Salgado attempted to take his own life,” the Merced County sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post. “Salgado is in our custody, currently receiving medical attention and in critical condition.”

Aroohi Deri, who is 8 months old, together with her parents Jasdeep Singh, 36, and Jasleen Kaur, 27, and her uncle Amandeep Singh, 39, are believed to have been kidnapped by the same individual.

The police would not comment on whether or whether they suspected anybody else of plotting with Salgado.

On Monday, the Singh family together with Kaur and Aroohi were reported missing after the car driven by Amandeep Singh was found burning near Winton, California, which is located just north of Atwater, according to the police. A preliminary inquiry conducted by the police about two hours later led them to the conclusion that the family had been abducted.

“We have a lowlife out there who kidnapped an 8-month-old baby, her mom, her dad and her uncle,” Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke said in a Facebook video.

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