Man injured after falling 25 feet into a concrete tank rescued by an Iowa crane operator

According to fire authorities on Monday, after rescuing an injured man who had fallen 25 feet into a concrete tank at an industrial construction site in Iowa, rescue workers commended the “calm hands” of the crane operator who rescued the man.

The event took place in the neighborhood of 270th Street in Nevada, Iowa, which is about 38 miles north of De Moines.

The Nevada Fire Department says that paramedics went into the tank and started stabilizing the patient while workers got ready to drop a basket and pull the man out.

According to the officials, it was quite difficult to enter the tank since the location was still under development.

According to the authorities, the crew was able to undertake a “delicate rescue” by using a system consisting of ropes, carabiners, a rescue basket, and a crane that was already on site to bring the wounded guy out of the tank and onto an ambulance that was waiting nearby.

The fire department applauded the coordination between responding agencies and the crane operator, who authorities said was “extremely cool under pressure.” These sorts of specialist rescues don’t happen very frequently, according to the fire department, and they lauded the teamwork as well.

“Between the team involving the steady hands of the crane operator, Story County Sheriff’s dispatch, Story County Medical Center, Ames Fire Department, and our own staff, this rescue was seamless,” fire officials said.

The guy was examined at the Story County Medical Center, where the staff said that his present health, despite the fact that it was unknown, was not regarded to be life-threatening.

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