American Automobile Association advises drivers to perform seasonal checkup

October is National Car Care Month, and now is the time for drivers to get their vehicles ready for winter by preparing them and making any necessary repairs.

Prior to the arrival of snow, members of AAA strongly advise vehicle owners to take their vehicles in for a seasonal checkup. It is crucial to examine things like the state of the battery as well as the voltage and tire wear.

Mechanics report that a significant number of the vehicles they service need maintenance of this simple but essential kind.

“Tires — a lot of people let their tires go to nothing,” said Jason Hall, Sunoco service manager. “Same with, like, batteries. Tow them in and have them checked periodically when they’re doing oil changes. Brakes — usually we get brakes and they’re grinding or pulsating, and we check them for wear, but not as often as they should.”

According to AAA, one-third of drivers do not perform necessary vehicle maintenance, and 65% do not test their batteries before they die.

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