NY firefighters offer advices during Fire Prevention Week

This year, the National Fire Protection Association’s Fire Prevention Week campaign is being held for the 100th time.

The experts on fire prevention are encouraging people to check their smoke detectors on a regular basis. In the case of an unexpected emergency, firefighters are stressing the need to have a well-planned evacuation strategy that includes alternative exits.

“Have an escape plan, where a meeting place is, how to get out if one way is blocked, how to get out a second way, so you all know how to get out of your home in case an emergency arises,” said Bushnell’s Basin Fire Chief Rich Tantalo. “And have a strategic meeting place where everyone knows to go.”

According to the NFPA, damaged or nonexistent smoke detectors contribute to the start of three out of every five house fires.

Fire Prevention Week runs through October 15.

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