Over 250 pounds of meth seized during a traffic stop in California

After conducting a traffic stop in California, investigators were able to seize more than 250 pounds of methamphetamine, according to an announcement made by San Bernardino police on Monday.

Officers with the department’s Narcotics Unit conducted a traffic stop on a motorist who they had reason to believe was transporting a significant quantity of illegal drugs into San Bernardino.

During the search of the vehicle that the law enforcement officials conducted, they found 15 pounds of meth inside of a huge black trash bag.

After that, the authorities obtained and executed a search warrant at the residence of the suspect, where they discovered an additional 244 pounds of meth. Cash totaling over $8,000 was discovered at the location, which led to its subsequent seizure by the authorities.

According to the estimates provided by the police, the total value of the drugs that were confiscated on the street is close to $803,000.

The defendant was taken into custody on felony charges and jailed shortly after his arrest. Additionally, his vehicle was towed away.

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