Inappropriate statement form former Los Angeles City Council president sparked controversy

The Los Angeles City Council is still in disarray as a result of the leaking of an audio recording of Nury Martinez making racist statements one year ago. Martinez resigned as president of the council on Monday after the recording was made public. Residents showed their displeasure and asked Martinez and the other board members to quit, even though Martinez didn’t show up to the meeting on Tuesday and instead took a “leave of absence.”

“Shame on you! Shame on you” one man yelled at the council members.

During a call in which Martinez, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, and Councilmember Kevin DeLeon were all present, a moment of intolerance occurred behind closed doors. Both Cedillo and DeLeon were present for the meeting on Tuesday, but none of them said a word. The three, who are Latino Democrats, have all expressed regret for their actions.

It is unknown who secretly recorded and distributed the phone conversation in which Martinez referred to the kid of a coworker as “that little monkey,” which translates from Spanish to English as “that little monkey.” The youngster in question is African American.

People of Indigenous descent, homosexuals, and African Americans were also the targets of hateful remarks. There is no sign of anybody resisting.

“On these tapes I have heard the worst of what Los Angeles is — trusted servants who voiced hate and bile,” said councilmember Mike Bonin, whose son was the target of Martinez’s slur.

The outraged father demanded that Martinez first resign from his position, and then seek forgiveness.

Gustavo Arellano, a journalist for the Los Angeles Times, believes the councilmembers will be forced to resign.

“I’m glad Latinos especially are being some of the loudest voices against them,” he said. “They’re going to have to step down.”

On the other hand, he claims that determining when that will occur is “a question only their hubris can answer.”

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