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RoundUp Savings account offers The Summit members an easy way to save while spending

RoundUp Savings is the newest product that The Summit Federal Credit Union (The Summit) has introduced to its members in recent days.

When using their Summit Visa Debit Card for purchases, members of The Summit have the opportunity to easily save money via the use of a RoundUp Savings account.

“As a credit union, we play an important role in helping our members establish strong savings behaviors,” said Twanda Christensen, Vice President of Marketing and Community Engagement.

“By offering the RoundUp Savings account, we can assist our members and help them build up a savings account for unexpected expenses that may come their way, while at the same time fostering those proactive savings habits.”

When members of The Summit use their Summit Visa® Debit Card to make purchases, the transaction is “rounded up” to the nearest dollar, and the members’ spare change is automatically transferred from their checking account to their RoundUp Savings account. This occurs whenever the members use their debit cards to make purchases.

After that, members can relax and watch their funds accumulate. There is no need for a minimum amount to maintain a RoundUp Savings account, which also offers a wonderful return. A member can also get a Milestone Bonus of up to $50 when their account reaches certain financial milestones.

The Summit is one of a select few credit unions in the Finger Lakes, Western, and Central New York regions that provide its members with access to an account of this kind. The Summit is also always coming up with new products that will help its members reach their financial goals.

Visit The Summit’s website at to get further information about the RoundUp Savings account.

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