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Police looking for a suspect who pepper sprayed an NYC Best Buy employee in an attempted robbery

During an attempted robbery on the Upper West Side, a guy blasted a Best Buy employee with pepper spray, according to police statements made on Sunday.

At around 3:55 in the afternoon, the 30-year-old cashier at the business on the intersection of West 62nd Street and Broadway challenged a guy who was attempting to steal a laptop from the establishment. Saturday, according to the police.

The employee was able to get the laptop back from the person who might have stolen it, but not before the person threatened him with pepper spray.

According to the authorities, the assailant sprayed pepper spray in the employee’s face before fleeing the scene on foot.

The employee was not hurt, so she declined medical assistance when it was offered in the shop.

The police put out a picture of the suspect on Sunday in hopes that someone would be able to identify him.

Please contact Crime Stoppers at the following number: (800) 577-TIPS if you have any information.

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