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Town of Sweden asking for proposals for skatepark naming rights

Through a process called a Request for Proposal, the Town of Sweden is looking for proposals from people who are interested in getting the naming rights for the skatepark and its main features.

The Sweden Town Board is of the opinion that the Sweden Town Park contributes a great deal to the overall well-being of the town. The Town Park is an essential component of the greater Sweden community for a number of reasons, including that it provides Sweden town residents with a place to relax, get some exercise, and socialize; and that it serves as a regional attraction that draws thousands of tourists each year who, in turn, spend money at local businesses.

The skatepark is situated in the heart of the Town Park, making it easily accessible to everybody who visits the park. The brand new skatepark, which cost $550,000, will be a significant attraction for many years to come. A grant in the amount of $250,000 and an environmental award in the amount of $50,000 were provided by the Ralph Wilson Jr. Foundation and The Skatepark Project, respectively, in order to support the majority of the skatepark. The cost to the local taxpayers will be reduced even more as a result of the fundraising drive.

Send an email to [email protected] or contact the Town of Sweden at 637-7588 to get further details about the naming rights. The deadline for submitting a Naming Rights Proposal is November 1, 2022, at noon.

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