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NYSDOT hires employees for road maintenance as winter approaches

The snow season is just around the corner in Upstate New York.

The New York State Department of Transportation reports that trucks are already operating in Wyoming County this week following a little snowfall.

The Department of Transportation is already planning for the next winter in Western New York.

It has offered permanent and seasonal employment opportunities in the Finger Lakes area. These positions include fleet technicians and road maintenance personnel. Some occupations need a commercial driver’s license. DOT training allows anyone without a CDL to apply for and receive one.

“We need people to get out there on the roads and clear the roads, not only in the winter time for plowing snow, but in the summertime for patching potholes, guide rail repairs, ditching evolutions on keeping the drainage for the rain season,” said region four lead instructor Nate Phillips. “All these things go into highway maintenance.”

The Department of Transportation reports that employment is available in every county in the state, totaling over 650.

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