Teenager arrested for reportedly sexually assaulting child at California elementary school

Officials in Riverside County say that a 15-year-old from Southern California was taken into custody because he was accused of sexually abusing a young child at an elementary school.

Monday’s event occurred at Lakeland Village School in Lake Elsinore, which serves kindergarten through eighth-grade children. At 11:30 a.m., the adolescent, who neither attended the school nor had authorization to be there, entered the campus.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the man “performed a lewd act on a youngster on campus” before fleeing on foot.

The school was put on lockdown until the Lake Elsinore teen was found soon after on a nearby street.

A video captured by a bystander shows the boy on the ground as school authorities hold him down during the arrest. Even though the suspect agreed with what the adults asked, he was not allowed to use the bathroom.

Authorities suspect numerous kids were attacked, but are still ascertaining the exact number of victims. Also unknown is how the adolescent gained access to the school grounds, although authorities think he acted alone.

“Based on evidence obtained at the scene, investigators are certain the suspect acted alone and there are no other suspects wanted in connection for this case,” the sheriff’s department said.

The Lake Elsinore Unified School District said in a statement that the news was “unsettling” for parents.

“From this situation, we are going to review our emergency protocols across the district because if there are any steps that we can take to increase safety, security and timely communication with our staff and families, then we want to identify and adopt these improvements,” the statement read.

The event is being investigated by authorities.

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