Panepinto plans to duplicate Dingens Street warehouse

After constructing a new warehouse on Dingens Street earlier this year, it didn’t take long for contractor James Panepinto to fill it up, so now he’s expanding it to double its previous size.

Panepinto is planning to construct a duplicate addition adjacent to the current structure in a few short months after finishing the construction of an industrial facility with an area of 80,960 square feet at 132 Dingens Street in the spring. According to him, even if the plans call for it to have the capacity to house a number of occupants, it is possible that it will only end up sheltering one person.

This is exactly what occurred to the first structure that was constructed after Panepinto started construction on the 13.2 acre property without having any particular tenants in mind. He refused to provide the name of the person who lived in his first building. However, he said that he is aware that there is an increased demand in the market, which is sufficient to warrant the growth.

“I had enough interest in the first phase. I built that on spec, so I’m building this based on spec,” Panepinto said. “We’re preparing the building to be multi-tenant, but it’ll translate to a single tenant, as well.”

In a letter to the city from Panepinto, it was said that Pinto Construction Services would build the steel-frame expansion, which would be 80,940 square feet and be separated from the old warehouse by a firewall.

On Monday, Panepinto will submit an application for site plan approval to the Buffalo Planning Board. Next, he will apply for construction permits. If the proposal is accepted, he anticipates the completion of the project in the year 2023, estimating that it would cost more than $4 million to do so.

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