Two Raleigh police officers placed on administrative leave after a 15-year-old boy allegedly killed 5 people

After a 15-year-old is accused of killing five people on October 13, the Raleigh Police Department put two of its officers on administrative leave in response to the incident.

During a shooting that took place in the Hedingham area of Raleigh, 15-year-old Austin Thompson is accused of taking the lives of five people, including his older brother, who was 16 years old, and an off-duty police officer who was on his way to work. During the incident, there were reportedly two more people who were hurt.

According to the preliminary report that was provided by the police on Thursday, Justin Thompson passed away as a result of injuries that included “an apparent gunshot wound and knife wounds.” The suspect, Austin Thompson, is in serious condition in the hospital.

There was a reported exchange of gunfire between Austin Thompson and two police officers.

According to a representative for the Raleigh Police Department, both Sergeant KM Smithey and Officer DM Garner have been put on administrative leave.

In a previous interview, the District Attorney for Wake County, Lorrin Freeman, said that she intends to file adult charges against the 15-year-old “if he recovers.”

Gabriel Torres, an off-duty police officer, was one of the victims who passed away as a result of the incident, along with Nicole Connors, 52, Susan Karnatz, 49, and Mary Marshall, 35.

In the days that followed the shooting, a second officer from the Raleigh Police Department was also discharged from the hospital. After being shot only a few days before she turned 60, Marcille Lynn Gardner, age 59, is now in serious condition in the hospital.

According to the police, the first call to 911 describing the gunshot was made at 5:09 p.m., followed by a second call at 5:14 p.m. regarding two people who were lying on the ground after rounds were fired.

Justin Thompson, Gardner, and Connors were the first three people to fall prey to the attack. Officer Torres, who was working security at the time, was found dead at the scene after being shot by a man who was armed with a shotgun and was wearing camouflage.

A preliminary examination by the police has shown that there is no relationship between the victims and the 15-year-old suspect in the case, other than the fact that they live in the same area.

“As the search area expanded, several nearby buildings to include schools and assisted living facilities initiated lockdown protocols,” Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson said in the report.

At 6:42 p.m., law enforcement authorities located Thompson at a location on McConnell Oliver Drive that was home to two “barn-like” structures.

After arriving to the location, cops discharged a combined total of around 23 rounds in Thompson’s direction. However, tactical officers didn’t approach one of the buildings until 9:34 p.m., at which time they discovered the 15-year-old suspect lying on the ground with a single gunshot wound.

“At the time, he was wearing camouflage clothing and a backpack, and a handgun was in his waistband. The backpack contained various items, including several types of shotgun/rifle ammunition. A sheath for a large knife was found clipped to his belt, and a large hunting knife was found at the front of the outbuilding. A shotgun and shotgun shells were lying on the ground near him,” Patterson wrote in the report.

At 9:36 p.m., law enforcement authorities restrained Thompson by placing handcuffs on him.

According to the article, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the events that led up to the two policemen and the 15-year-old reportedly engaging in a shooting exchange with one other.

Alan and Elise Thompson, the suspect’s parents, put out a public statement on Tuesday in which they said they were “overwhelmed” by the news that their son had been arrested.

“Words cannot begin to describe our anguish and sorrow,” the parents wrote in a statement.. “Our son Austin inflicted immeasurable pain on the Raleigh community, and we are overcome with grief for the innocent lives lost.”

Both Alan and Elise Thompson have said that they “have so many questions that remain unanswered.”

“There were never any indications or warning signs that Austin was capable of doing anything like this,” the Thompsons wrote. “Our family will continue to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials and do whatever we can to help them understand why and how this happened.”

Estella D. Patterson, the Chief of Police in Raleigh, said that the scene of the crime extended for “almost 2 miles.”

Anyone who saw the incident or has information about it is requested to contact the police at 919-996-1193.

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