Pregnant teenager sustained gunshot injuries on a NYC street

According to the police and eyewitnesses, a pregnant teenager who was 19 years old was shot and injured on a street in Manhattan.

According to witnesses, the victim was standing outside of a Chase Bank on the junction of W. 165th St. and Broadway in Washington Heights at around 8:55 p.m. when gunshots went across the street in the direction of the victim.

At least four bullets were fired in a random manner, hitting both the girl and a Honda CRV that was passing by. When the accident happened, she was standing in the opposite direction from the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at New York-Presbyterian.

“The woman was hit in the thigh,” said Ozzy Orengo, who watched as she was shot. “Her left leg was bleeding. Her neighbor was holding her up. She was crying. She was saying, ‘It hurts! It hurts!’ in Spanish.”

As soon as medical personnel arrived, the injured lady was placed into an ambulance and sent to Harlem Hospital, where she is now listed as having a stable condition, according to the police.

“She told the paramedics she was pregnant when they put her in the ambulance,” said Orengo, 60. “Her mother was out here without a coat. Her mother was upset and crying and the neighbor gave her a jacket.”

Another person who saw what happened said that the gunmen ran up Broadway to a waiting car.

“They were little kids laughing,” the man said of the gunmen. “I couldn’t believe it. They ran down the block. It was crazy. They hit that poor little girl and that car.”

The shooters are still being sought by the police. There were not any arrests made right away.

“It’s another day in the neighborhood,” Orengo said.

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