Arkansas authorities searching for a man who claimed in a Facebook post that he was kidnapped

Arkansas police are looking for a man who posted on Facebook on Tuesday that he had been “just kidnapped.”

Helena-West Helena Police Chief James Mayfield said that he doesn’t know if Fredrick Gamble’s 26-year-old Facebook post is true or not, and that his department is looking into the possibility that Gamble was taken away.

He went on to say that Gamble’s mother reported Fredrick missing on Tuesday morning, after which the police department discovered the Facebook post.

Gamble said in a Tuesday morning Facebook post that he was in the back of a gray vehicle and that “these men pulled weapons on me and pushed me inside.”

“Help me please. I was just kidnapped walking in Helena. I’m in the back of a gray van. These guys pulled guns on me & forced me inside. I couldn’t see tags only the first 3. Please help me asap. I don’t know where I’m at at the moment. Jus someone please help. I don’t know how long I have license plates starting with AE3; that’s all I saw. Help asap, love y’all,” Gamble wrote.

According to Mayfield, officers are searching for the vehicle mentioned in the Facebook post.

“We are currently looking for that van. We don’t have any leads as of right now to go on, but it is an active investigation,” Mayfield said.

Anyone with information should contact the Helena-West Helena Police Department at (870) 572-3444.

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