Weinstein’s abuse victim describes vicious 2013 hotel assault

A model and actress said on Tuesday that during a violent attack in 2013, Harvey Weinstein grabbed her by the hair and forced her to have oral sex. He then tried to rape her in a hotel toilet, she said.

The trial of the disgraced Hollywood mogul for rape and sexual assault in Los Angeles started this month with the testimony of Jane Doe 1, the first of eight anticipated victims.

The first woman to testify said that Weinstein had visited her Beverly Hills hotel room during the 2013 film festival. Her native tongue is Russian, and she said that her English at the time was substandard.

The accuser expressed concern that she “did or said anything that led him to believe something may occur between us.”

She said that as soon as Weinstein walked into the hotel room, he got angry, demanded oral sex, and made her do it on the bed.

“I was kind of hysterical through tears,” the woman said on the stand. “I kept saying, ‘No, no no.’”

She said that Weinstein then tried to rape her in the restroom, but she evaded him by moving around. When prosecutor Paul Thompson asked the lady why she did not fight back, she was at a loss for an answer.

“I don’t know,” she answered. “I regret this a lot.”

The woman also said that Weinstein’s attack messed up her life and that the next day she started drinking a lot.

“I was destroying myself,” she said. “I was feeling very guilty. Most of all because I opened that door.”

In his Los Angeles trial, Weinstein faces 11 charges of rape and sexual assault in all.

After being convicted of identical crimes in New York, the 70-year-old is currently spending 23 years in jail.

The lady who testified on Tuesday said that she confided in her priest years ago about the attack, but he declined to testify on the basis of religious privilege.

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