Man slashed across face after trying to deescalate a fight in a NYC store

A man was cut while trying to intervene in a quarrel inside a Manhattan business, authorities said on Sunday.

On October 23, at 7 p.m., two other people in the 600 Candy Grocery store on West 161st Street near Broadway in Washington Heights began fighting with each other, according to the police. The 38-year-old man was shopping in the store at the time.

The argument became more heated, and the customers began to fight with one another physically.

The victim tried to stop the fight between the two parties by getting in between them, but one of the men said, “I hate Mexicans,” pulled out a knife, and cut the victim across the face, according to the police.

Even though he was hurt, the man did not want to go to the hospital to get help.

The incident is being looked into by the Hate Crime Task Force of the New York Police Department.

The image of the suspect who slashed the victim was made public by the police on Sunday, and they are requesting the assistance of the general public in identifying him.

Please contact Crime Stoppers at the following number: (800) 577-TIPS if you have any information.

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