Maryland family discovered a woman’s ashes inside a prop coffin ordered for a Halloween party

A family from Baltimore who had ordered a prop coffin for a Halloween party discovered the items of a deceased woman inside of it, along with what they believed to be her ashes.

According to the Wozniak family, the coffin was purchased via Facebook Marketplace, where they made their purchase. After making the discovery, the family uploaded a video on TikTok detailing the strange occurrence in the hopes that the goods may be returned to the family of the dead lady.

A grandmother said that her family discovered the ashes of Edith Crews, who was a community pastor and was 74 years old when she passed away in January of COVID-19.

According to news sources, further things that were discovered taped beneath the cardboard of the coffin inside included an image of Crews, her death certificate, which had her social security number, and the wristband from George Washington University Hospital that she wore.

After some time had passed, the granddaughter of the dead widow saw Wozniak’s TikTok video and gave it to her mother, Sabrina Jones.

Jones said that the discovery brought back painful memories of her mother’s death, but she is thankful that the Wozniaks kept the things and gave them back to Jones’s family.

The family of Crews said that they had hired the coffin from Freeman Funeral Services, and that she had been cremated after that.

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