NYC police arrested a man for attacking a subway passenger over loud music

On Monday, New York City police said that they had arrested a man for repeatedly striking an elderly passenger who had asked him to turn down the volume of his music while riding the subway in Manhattan.

According to the police, Reginald Matthews, age 31, was taken into custody and charged with assault on a person aged 65 or over for the incident that took place the previous week.

On October 26 at around 3:30 p.m., violence broke out as a direct consequence of the plea for quiet.

According to the authorities, Matthews was playing music on a speaker aboard a downtown No. 1 train that was nearing the 96th St. Station on the Upper West Side when his victim, who was 78 years old, begged him to decrease the level of the music.

The suspect, who was clearly angry, hit the man several times in the face. The suspect was with a woman who is still being looked for.

The victim exited the train as it moved into the station, but his assailants remained on board and exited the train at the 34th Street–Penn Station stop.

According to the police, the guy was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital by paramedics, where he received treatment for bruises and a cut to his face.

According to the court records, Matthews, who is a resident of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court and was given the option of posting a $30,000 bond or $15,000 cash bail.

He is being jailed at Rikers Island in the meantime as he waits for his next court date.

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