Shooting incident in New York City results in fatalities

According to the police, a man was murdered and a woman was injured in a shooting that took place outside of a Brooklyn housing building on Monday.

According to police and other sources, the gunman pursued at least one of the victims through a walkway of the Sheepshead Bay Houses on Avenue V near Nostrand Ave at around 5:10 p.m. on the day in question.

As he chased his target down Avenue V, the man fired at least 11 shots from his gun before he was finally caught.

According to the police, a lady, 19, was shot in the chest, right knee, and hip, and a guy, 25, was wounded in the chest and buttocks. Jamel Nicholson was also injured.

The lady was knocked unconscious, and Nicholson fled for about one block before falling on neighboring Brown Street between two parked automobiles, according to the sources. Nicholson was found dead.

“There were three shots and then a whole lot after that,” said witness Jamel Davis, 42. “This young boy came running behind me into my building saying, ‘They were shooting at me.’ When it was over, there were two people lying out there.”

According to reports, the gunman fled the scene in a white van, which was driving in the other direction on Haring Street, which only has one traffic route.

Both victims were transported to Brookdale University Hospital, but the doctors were unable to save Nicholson’s life. The woman’s condition has remained unchanged.

Nicholson was a father to three children.

“He was a good father and a loving man,” the mother of one of his children said. “He leaves three kids. We can’t believe this.”

Officers tried to find the suspect, but no one was taken into custody right after the incident.

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