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Rochester increasing resources in an area with a high number of crimes

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — The Mayor of Rochester, Malik Evans, has said that his administration would be concentrating more resources on a zip code that has suffered recent violence, just as the city is marking another killing in that exact region.

With a deadly stabbing that took place on Frost Avenue on Thursday, the Rochester Police Department said that the city has recorded 70 homicides this year.

A news conference was held by Mayor Evans on Thursday afternoon, prior to the stabbing, where he announced that there will be an increase in the number of foot patrols and replacements for street lights in the 14611 zip code. He stated that this would be done in an attempt to reduce the number of crimes in this area, which has seen several shooting incidents. The area includes a significant part of Rochester’s west side, including the neighborhood on Frost Avenue that the police said was the location of the city’s 70th murder, which occurred on Thursday.

According to statistics provided by the Internal Revenue Service, the 14611 zip code is also among the poorest areas in the state of New York.

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