Truck engulfed in flames during a police chase in California

On Thursday, a commercial big rig that was being pursued by police in Southern California burst into flames in the middle of a highway during the pursuit.

According to reports, the truck was stolen. The truck was pursued by CHP deputies just north of Los Angeles onto Interstate 5.

Several efforts were made by the authorities to stop the motorist by using spike strips. As the truck continued to go south on the highway, it finally hit a set of strips that had been laid out. The front passenger tire had a hole.

According to the information provided, at one point during the incident, the driver was seen by news helicopters writing on a piece of paper and putting it against the windshield.

What he had written was not clear at all.

The driver of the vehicle, who has not been named, kept driving when a fire broke out on the front driver’s side of the truck. Footage taken from a helicopter shows the large rig being engulfed in flames.

The driver ultimately came to a stop, exited the vehicle, and surrendered.

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