Federal investigation showed the Missouri woman killed Ashley Bush for her baby

Federal investigators say that a woman from Missouri kidnapped and killed an Arkansas woman who was pregnant so that she could take the baby. The woman’s husband helped cover up the crime.

Amber Waterman, age 42, is accused of murdering Ashley Bush, age 33, as well as the baby she was carrying. Her husband, Jamie Waterman, who is 42 years old, is charged with assisting in the burning of Bush’s body and the concealment of her remains.

On Monday, it was discovered that Bush, who had been living in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, had disappeared. According to her fiance, Bush was given a ride to a job interview by a woman whose name was “Lucy.”

The federal government says that “Lucy” was actually Amber Waterman and that Waterman used the meeting as a cover to kidnap Bush. Pineville, Missouri, was home for the Watermans, roughly 30 miles north of Siloam Springs.

According to the investigators, a gunshot wound caused Ashley Bush’s death.

According to the federal government, Amber first confessed to Jamie that she was the one responsible for the murder. According to a news statement issued by the Department of Justice on Friday, she led her husband to the location of Bush’s corpse, which was found face-down next to a boat near the Watermans’ home in Pineville.

The federal government says that the Watermans carried Bush’s corpse to a fire pit, where it was destroyed by flames. Her remains were subsequently taken to a secluded site.

When Amber Waterman was initially questioned by detectives, she claimed that “Lucy” was the one who committed the murder. The Justice Department said that Jamie Waterman revealed that his wife had killed Bush and brought investigators to the remains on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the dead body of Bush’s unborn child was discovered in a different location.

Amber has been charged with kidnapping that resulted in death and could face a death sentence.


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