Authorities looking for suspects who robbed an off-duty prison officer in NYC building

On Sunday, a Brooklyn public housing complex was the location of an armed robbery that included a city prison officer who was off-duty at the time.

At 12:05 p.m., three individuals attacked the 39-year-old officer as he went down a staircase at the Langston Hughes houses on Sutter Avenue near Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville, according to police.

At least one of the robbers pulled a handgun and held the victim at gunpoint.

According to the authorities, the armed robbers got away with $1,000 in cash, two bracelets, a Rolex watch, and the gun that belonged to the victim.

During the course of the robbery, the officer did not sustain any injuries.

Attempts by the police to locate the suspects continued. There were not any arrests made right away.

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