Student fatally shot at Seattle high school, one in custody

On Tuesday, a student at a high school in Seattle was fatally shot at the school, according to the police.

According to a statement released by the Seattle Police Department, the student, who has not been named, was shot just before 10 a.m.

A person of interest who also remained unidentified was taken into custody not long after that, according to the police.

Around 9:55 in the morning, it was reported that shots had been fired at Ingraham High School, according to the police. First responders helped the injured student almost right away before taking them to a nearby hospital, where they later died from their injuries.

There were no reports of any further fatalities. The police have not provided any information on a possible motive for the shooting.

The incident instilled fear among the students and their parents.

More than 1,400 students are enrolled at the large public school that is located in the north end of Seattle. Ingraham High School canceled Wednesday’s classes as a result of the incident.

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