Walt Disney Company announced that it now has more streaming customers than Netflix

The Walt Disney Company has announced that its three primary streaming services, Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu, have boosted their member numbers to more than 235 million as of October 1, surpassing the 223 million customers that Netflix has.

While Disney+ attracted 12.1 million users in the most recent quarter, ESPN+ added 7 million subscribers, and Hulu added 3.4 million new accounts, according to the most recent quarterly figures that Disney announced on Tuesday.

Disney and Netflix are engaged in a fierce competition for viewers, and both companies are attempting to attract budget-conscious customers by developing lower-priced tiers that are funded by advertisements. This month saw the introduction of Netflix’s ad-supported network, and on December 8, Disney+ will launch its own version of the service.

“Disney+’s ad-supported tier is going to be a game changer for its subscriber and revenue growth,” said Jamie Lumley, an analyst at Third Bridge, in an email. “Its launch can’t come soon enough.”

Lumley went on to say that throughout this time period, Disney has expanded its client base by producing “family-friendly movies and franchises.” “The most pressing concern with regard to content is whether or not Disney+ will broaden its programming to include more adult-oriented entertainment, as well as how the company intends to address this matter while preserving its established reputation.”

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