Twitter will soon enable organizations to identify associated accounts, Musk said

According to a tweet that was sent by the network’s owner on Sunday, Elon Musk, Twitter will soon make it possible for organizations to identify which accounts on the platform are linked with them.

“Rolling out soon, Twitter will enable organizations to identify which other Twitter accounts are actually associated with them,” the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, wrote.

Musk answered a question posed by one user on Twitter about whether any user would be able to be or form an organization, or whether Twitter would decide what makes an organization.

“Ultimately, I think there is no choice but for Twitter to be the final arbiter, but Iā€™m open to suggestions,” Musk answered.

He said to another user that corporations will be allowed to control affiliations, which means that if a person switches jobs, the employee would not be required to inform Twitter of the change.

Since he acquired ownership of Twitter on October 28th, Musk has been exploring several methods to eliminate fake accounts. One of the methods of eliminating the fake accounts was the implementation of Twitter Blue, where for a fee of $8 monthly users would receive a blue check mark on their profile, although this method did not prove to be the right one in achieving the goal since many accounts impersonating public figures received the blue check mark. Therefore, the subscription service was put on hold.

Also, a plan to offer firms a “gray checkmark” was on the table for a few hours last week but was quickly withdrawn in the face of strong public opposition.


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