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Accomplice in Brooklyn businessman’s death arrested, gunman still at large

According to the criminal complaint filed against an alleged murder accomplice, the gunman who killed a Brooklyn businessman in a vehicle rental fraud has yet to be arrested.

Court documents show that Crips member Kevin Faneus, who was charged with the murder of Julftson Remy on September 17, took part in the killing but was not the one who pulled the trigger on the firearm.

The 24-year-old victim, Remy, confronted his killers after learning that they had used a fake ID to rent a BMW from him.

According to the complaint, Faneus was in the driver’s seat of the rental car while the gunman was in the passenger seat during the incident. Authorities said the shooter was waiting for Remy and an employee to come up in another car when they opened fire on the entrepreneur’s vehicle on East 37th Street near Glenwood Road in East Flatbush. The gunman fired six shots into the vehicle.

Remy drove with his employee forty miles to East Flatbush to deliver the black BMW that he was renting in exchange for $2,200 cash. However, the employee failed to check the customer’s identification before the customer drove away with the car.

Remy then examined the ID himself, discovered that it was fake, and then followed the vehicle using a tracking device.

According to the complaint, he was shot in the head and chest, which ultimately proved to be fatal wounds. His employee was shot in the legs and grazed in the chest during the incident.

Faneus was arrested on Wednesday. He was charged with murder and possession of a weapon and ordered held without bail.

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