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Nine people arrested after Standing for Women members and activists for transgender rights got into a heated confrontation

Activists for transgender rights and members of a group known as TERFs got into a heated confrontation outside of Manhattan’s City Hall on Monday, according to the police, which resulted in the arrest of nine people.

The confrontation between transgender and LGBTQ rights activists and a group of fifty individuals, most of whom were members of Standing for Women, which was established by a British anti-trans activist, began about 12:30 p.m.

Critics have referred to members of Standing for Women as “TERFs,” which is an acronym that stands for “trans exclusionary radical feminists.”

Protesters for transgender rights said that they were aware via social media posts that members of Standing for Women, who are currently touring many cities in the United States, would be present in large numbers at the rally.

According to the police, around 115 people participated in the protest on both sides. The confrontation between these two groups led to the arrest of nine people. However, information about whether those arrested would be charged with a crime or issued summonses was not released.

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