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New place in Greece for hyperactive kids 5 and under

Greece, New York – The flu season is in full swing, and the country is seeing a record high number of flu cases in children, which, combined with the COVID-19 and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) cases, is called a “tridemic.” This year, the flu infection rates skyrocketed much earlier than in pre-pandemic years, and health experts say the pandemic, strict pandemic measures, school closures, and children’s inability to socialize for extended periods of time are to blame for the current situation.

The tridemic causes problems across the nation, as is the case in the state of New York. The number of respiratory illness cases has especially risen after the Thanksgiving weekend, and health experts are deeply concerned that the nation is still far away from the seasonal peak amid labor shortages in the majority of hospitals.

Credit: Town of Greece

Since the early days of the pandemic, pediatricians have been advising the federal, state, and local leaders to keep schools open and let children socialize, citing the strict pandemic measures’ negative impact on children’s immunity and their mental health in general. This is the first winter since the country reopened, and everyone is now seeing the devastating results of the pandemic measures and how they affected children.

A significant new surge in COVID-19 is not expected this winter, and the pandemic days are behind us. That’s why the town of Greece officials decided to chime in and open a special place where the youngest can run, play, and have fun with other children, adding more joy to their lives this winter.

Per the Town of Greece, the new area for kids, called a “toddler gym,” is now officially opened and ready to welcome all hyperactive kids 5 and under and get all of that energy out. The toddler gym is part of the expanded Town of Greece Community Center, and the indoor playground area is equipped with lots of toys, a foot piano, soft play equipment complete with two merry go rounds and many other interactive toys.

Credit: Town of Greece

Parents are advised that children are obligated to wear socks during their stay at the gym, and parental supervision is required at all times. Those interested in becoming members are required to call 585-723-2425 or send their inquiries to the Department of Parks and Recreation at [email protected].

This is a promising project and would be nothing but happy to see similar projects in other Monroe County areas.

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