Drunk driver crashed into house in Rochester Wednesday early morning, arrested

Rochester, New York – Despite local authorities’ efforts to reduce car crashes and fatalities on Rochester roads, the number of incidents and traffic victims is on the rise every year. Modern vehicles are equipped with plenty of safety systems, cameras, and radars, but speeding and drunk driving remain the most common causes of traffic incidents in the Monroe County area.

Such an incident took place on Wednesday, just after midnight, and one person was taken into custody, according to a report by the Rochester Police Department.

Police officials confirmed that a woman crashed her vehicle into a house and damaged several more vehicles on Earl Street off Genesee Street early Wednesday morning. According to the incident report, the 42-year-old woman then fled the scene on foot, but responding officers found her nearby on Magnolia Street, where she was arrested.

She’s charged with driving while intoxicated and leaving the scene of a property-damage accident.

The Rochester police said that no other vehicles were involved in the crash. The identity of the driver was not revealed to the public.

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