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New Yorkers to receive maximum SNAP benefits by Dec. 22, NYC residents by Dec. 28

New York – Millions of Americans rely on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and the program has been especially important since the start of the pandemic nearly three years ago. This year, the need for help was fueled by the rising prices, and the inflation and monthly SNEP benefits came as a huge relief for many low-income families nationwide. As of December 2022, residents in more than 31 states will get their additional SNAP benefits after the USDA’s monthly approval, and New York is one of them.

According to a press release from Governor Hochul’s office earlier this week, all New York state residents enrolled in the SNAP benefits program will get the maximum amount in December, which is a supplemental benefit of at least $95. The rule applies to everyone, including those who are already at the maximum level of benefits.

“These additional benefits have continued to help struggling New Yorkers keep themselves and their families fed throughout the pandemic and now in the face of higher grocery prices due to global inflation,” Governor Hochul said. “The $234 million for SNAP will provide relief to New Yorkers in need during the holiday season and cold winter months when household budgets are especially strained.”

The emergency supplemental benefits were first introduced in April 2020, and New York State is still among the states that provide this assistance for its residents.

Residents in all New York counties outside of New York City will get the emergency supplemental benefits by Thursday, Dec. 22, while New York City residents should expect to receive them no later than Dec. 28.

Although New York state lifted the emergency declaration a few months ago, state officials agreed with the federal government to continue giving maximum SNAP benefits to New Yorkers. The federal public health emergency is set to expire in January next year, while emergency benefits are expected to run through February 2023.

More than 1.6 million New York households, including more than 2.8 million New Yorkers, participated in SNAP in October, an increase of just over 2% from October of last year, according to the governor’s office.

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