The City of Rochester is taking aim at gun manufacturers in an effort to lower crime rate in the area

Rochester, New York – Earlier this month, New York Governor Kathy Hochul said in Rochester that the state will provide a $10 million grant to support the Downtown Rochester revitalization project, which is expected to bring huge improvements to the area and provide more residential and commercial spaces. Not only that, but improving the area is expected to attract more high-profile companies to invest in Rochester and create opportunities for local residents.

Living in Rochester is relatively inexpensive compared to some other areas across the state, housing is more affordable, and Rochester is a nice place to raise a family. Just like any other city, living in Rochester has its pros and cons. High quality of education and healthcare access are some of the positives, while lack of well-paying job possibilities, poverty, and public safety are some of the negatives of living in Rochester. High crime rates in recent years and public safety are the biggest concerns for locals, but city officials have now announced a new plan that is expected to finally deliver results.

Tuesday afternoon, Rochester mayor Malik Evans announced a new public safety initiative against firearm companies. According to Evans, gun violence on the streets is the leading cause of death for young children and teenagers in Rochester, despite local officials’ efforts to combat the crime rate in recent years. According to Mayor Evans and members of his team, the city of Rochester is about to file a lawsuit against gun manufacturers because, according to Evans, gun manufacturers are to blame for the high number of weapons used in violent crime incidents in Rochester.

“Every gun that was used in a homicide last year was an illegal firearm. People have access to guns like candy, like water of the Genesee, and that’s what we’re seeking to put a stop to,” said Evans.

In the last decade, the number of shooting incidents and victims has increased year after year.So far this year, local authorities have recovered more than 700 illegal weapons within the city limits, and this pretty much shows how concerning the situation in Rochester is. According to Mayor Evans, the lawsuit will be handled by New York City Attorney Salvatore Badala.

City leaders didn’t explain how much this lawsuit will cost taxpayers, as some attorneys warn that the lawsuit is a bad idea, waste of money and time. However, the New York City Attorney Salvatore Badala is confident that the lawsuit will deliver the wanted results, as she further explained previous experience with similar lawsuits and why the lawsuit will be filed against the gun manufacturers.

“Well New York City has filed against ghost gun defendants. That case is still ongoing right now, and the Attorney General has also sued, just against ghost gun defendants. This lawsuit will be more expansive as we’ll be going against firearm manufacturers, and distributors, as well as ghost gun defendants,” said Badala speaking to News10NBC.

“These defendants have not put in the right controls to prevent the flow of guns into the community, and then holding them responsible, and setting up an abatement fund where we can have intervention, education for example,” Badala added.

Meanwhile, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown also announced that the city of Buffalo has filed a “first of its kind” lawsuit against the gun industry, seven months after a teenager killed 10 people and wounded three others at a Buffalo grocery store.

Time will show if such lawsuits can change something and improve public safety in regions like Rochester.

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