Dallas Police Association endorses challengers in City Council races

The Dallas Police Association (DPA) has officially extended its endorsement to challengers who are vying for the City Council seats in three upcoming elections. DPA’s endorsement is motivated by the belief that districts 4, 6, and 14 require better leadership to facilitate improved progress in their respective areas.

The association’s President, Mike Mata, emphasized the necessity for stronger pro-public safety leaders to continue the city’s momentum in combating crime and ensuring safer neighborhoods for residents in every part of Dallas, according to Dallas Press News.

DPA is keen to see the current council members, Carolyn King Arnold of District 4, Omar Narvaez of District 6, and Paul Ridley of District 14, replaced by more competent leaders. The association hopes to replace them with Jamie Smith, an accomplished accountant and community advocate, for District 4, Monica Alonzo, a former City Council member who served three terms, for District 6, and Amanda Schulz, the former Park Board representative, for District 14. Additionally, the Dallas Fire Fighters Association has also endorsed the same candidates for the same races.

Mata declined to comment on the association’s endorsements but did express his opinion about Narvaez’s polarizing and divisive approach within the council. Furthermore, he accused Ridley of being unresponsive to residents’ needs. In an interview with the right-leaning website, The Dallas Express, Mata emphasized the association’s choice not to endorse Arnold due to Smith’s superior candidature. Unfortunately, Arnold was not available for comment.

Jim McDade, President of the Dallas Fire Fighters Association, revealed that their endorsement against the incumbents in Districts 4, 6, and 14 is hinged on their accessibility. He added that their lack of communication and their failure to do things positively for public safety led to the endorsement.

Ridley laughed off allegations of being unapproachable and challenging to reach. He emphasized his frequent efforts to engage with the community for issues that include public safety. Additionally, he claimed to attend various community events, public safety meetings, and town halls on public safety concerns. Furthermore, he disclosed that he holds a public safety town hall every two months for the Downtown Residents Council, which he attends without fail.

Schulz, Ridley’s opponent, claimed that he has not taken the lead on public safety in schools. She intends to increase neighborhood community policing programs, strengthen the Dallas Police Department, and improve the department’s partnership with the Dallas Independent School District if elected. However, Ridley maintained that he has already done everything Schulz promised to do if elected. He also pointed out his endorsement by the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas and the Dallas chapter of National Latino Law Enforcement Organization.

The Dallas Black Firefighters Association and the Dallas Hispanic Firefighters Association endorsed all three incumbents in districts 4, 6, and 14. Narvaez, Ridley, and Arnold have proposed solutions that involve implementing crime watch organizations, increasing fire station funding, and strengthening district relationships with public safety bodies, including constables, Dallas County Sheriff’s Department, the City Marshal’s Office, and the DISD Police Department.

The early voting for the Dallas City Council elections will come to an end on May 2, with the election day scheduled for May 6.


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