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EMTs save man’s life during bee attack in Penfield

On Labor Day, emergency personnel heroically rescued a man who was under assault by a massive swarm of bees in his own backyard.

The morning of September 4 saw Penfield Ambulance arrive at a residence on Harris Road. They discovered a man in a bee suit sprawled in his backyard, under attack by bees. Reportedly, the man was found unresponsive, with abnormal breathing and foaming at the mouth.

Penfield EMT, Ike Mulligan, heroically moved the victim across the yard and administered an Epinephrine injection, despite being stung over 250 times. Mulligan’s partner also suffered five bee stings at the location.

When two additional EMTs reached the scene, with one of them also getting stung several times, the decision was made by Penfield Ambulance to withdraw all personnel until the Penfield Fire Department could provide assistance.

Firefighters arrived around 10 a.m. and utilized CO2 fire extinguishers to disperse the bee swarm and aid the still unresponsive patient.

Once the patient was secured in an ambulance, paramedics performed further critical care. The patient began to regain consciousness and was stable by the time they reached the emergency department. The patient, along with Mulligan and other EMTs who were stung, were later released from the hospital, as confirmed by Penfield Ambulance.

Daniel Riordan, operations manager at Penfield Ambulance, praised EMT Mulligan’s bravery and selflessness in facing potential harm to save the patient, stating, “If it wasn’t for the incredible act of valor by EMT Mulligan under extreme risk of injury or death, his ability to sacrifice himself in the heat of the moment allowed this patient to survive.” He further commended the exemplary teamwork displayed at the scene, highlighting the dedication and skill of the responders serving Penfield.

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