Trump hosts fundraiser for Giuliani

Ex-President Trump recently held a fundraising event for Rudy Giuliani, his long-term associate and previous legal advisor, on Thursday evening. This effort aims to support Giuliani, famously dubbed “America’s Mayor,” as he grapples with escalating legal costs.

Held at Trump’s Bedminster, N.J., golf resort, the dinner charged $100,000 per plate and was expected to generate over $1 million for the ex-mayor of New York City, according to Andrew Giuliani, Giuliani’s son. Trump has also pledged to organize another fundraiser for Giuliani at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, Andrew Giuliani highlighted.

“This will be immensely beneficial,” remarked Giuliani’s son during a WABC radio interview. Nonetheless, he pointed out, “It won’t suffice to cover everything.”

Brian Tevis, Giuliani’s lawyer, echoed this sentiment on Thursday, indicating that the former mayor is likely attempting to amass “as much as possible.” Tevis believes that “they’re going to need it.”

Last month, Giuliani, along with Trump and 17 others, was charged in Georgia for their roles in trying to reverse the 2020 election outcome in the state.

Additionally, Giuliani is facing defamation lawsuits from two voting machine companies and a mother-daughter pair of election workers, whom he accused of ballot tampering. He is also dealing with legal actions in New York and Washington, D.C., aimed at revoking his legal practice license.

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