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A fugitive from Upstate New York was finally caught after evading authorities in the woods for five months

An individual from Northern New York who had been eluding law enforcement for half a year was finally apprehended.

Spotted by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Forest Ranger Lieutenant Kerr and Rangers Hamm, Nally, and Thompson while patrolling near Chub Lake in Arietta, a town in the Adirondacks, the 35-year-old man had set up a rudimentary campsite. This incident occurred on August 22, as detailed in a news release.

The press release from the DEC included an image showing a makeshift shelter, consisting of a tarp draped over a table and a collapsible toilet positioned at one end.

According to the DEC, the man had been residing on State property, maintaining limited human contact.

Following his detection by the DEC, the U.S. Marshals were notified. They succeeded in locating and apprehending the fugitive in Schenectady on August 23, without any complications.

The Times Union disclosed, based on court records, that the individual was identified as Jesse Bedell from Mayfield.

Jeff Wernick, a DEC representative, told the Times Union that it remained uncertain whether Bedell had moved around the Adirondacks during the previous five months or remained stationary under his tent.

Bedell was sought for violating parole and suspected of issuing bomb threats.

He faces charges of making interstate threats to harm others, stemming from voicemails left in early 2020 with staff at manufacturing facilities in New Jersey and Illinois.

After his capture, Bedell appeared in federal court for a detention hearing and was remanded to the custody of federal marshals, awaiting his forthcoming court appearance.

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