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Many came out to Schoen Place to celebrate the first day of Fall, and the rich culture of AAPI community

Schoen Place was bustling with excitement as the local community gathered to mark the arrival of autumn and to honor the diverse heritage of Rochester’s Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) populace.

“In a lot of Asian cultures this is a really similar celebration to Thanksgiving around this time of year, so we wanted to do that collectively and share that with the Rochester area,” explained Hailey Ra, APAPA Rochester’s communications head.

The event showcased performances and displays that highlighted the traditions of East, South, and Southeast Asian nations.

“It’s really fun to see the community coming together and representing different cultures,” commented Sonia Harney from Pittsford. “It’s great to see all the diversity in the town.”

Various groups took to the stage, presenting a mix of dance, music, and martial arts, while an array of food stalls offered a taste of Asian cuisine to the attendees.

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