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Rochester Regional Health’s St. Mary’s Medical Campus and Aenon Missionary Baptist Church celebrated their 100th year of partnership

St. Mary’s Medical Campus, part of Rochester Regional Health, and Aenon Missionary Baptist Church marked a century of collaborative efforts this Monday.

In celebration of this 100-year milestone, the two institutions are organizing a health fair next month. This event will underscore their longstanding alliance and the unique contributions each makes to the community.

“It shows what Rochester Regional Health means to the community in bringing the healthcare as well as marrying that with the spiritual significance of what Aenon does”, Dustin Riccio of RRH commented.

Expressing satisfaction with this century-long bond, Pastor Herman Alston Jr. highlighted the synergy between the church’s spiritual wellness focus and the medical campus’s emphasis on physical health.

“We again have the spiritual health where they have the physical health and the importance down through the years,” Alston Jr. remarked. “St. Mary’s has offered us their parking lot for overflow God’s gift to humanity -people coming- so we thank God for them and we also collaborate with them in many of the medical needs and in a sense of knowing that we can make a difference through the community as well as individuals of the Rochester health”

Scheduled for October 30th, the health fair will feature a mobile mammogram unit and offer screenings for cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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