Monroe County

The local community is showing its support for Habitat for Humanity

The neighborhood is rallying behind Habitat for Humanity, an organization committed to aiding locals in building or enhancing their homes.

This autumn, Oaks Construction initiated a matching funds program, and for the remaining days of October, they pledge to contribute $100 from each sale to Habitat.

“(It) affirms for us that the community gets the importance of this mission, and it’s not a surprise when you have a partner like Oaks that is so community driven,” expressed Matthew Flanigan, Habitat for Humanity’s president and CEO. “They have been here for 20 years. They’re a part of our community, and it is very much in keeping with their philosophy and how they do their business.”

In addition, Oaks Construction’s team members are dedicating their time as volunteers in various Rochester locations throughout October.

Oaks Construction has earned multiple acknowledgments as one of the leading businesses in Rochester.

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