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The Rochester Institute of Technology has become the first university to receive financial support from the Google Cybersecurity Clinics Fund

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) has recently become the first educational institution to benefit from the Google Cybersecurity Clinics Fund.

With a grant of $500,000 from Google, RIT is set to enhance its capacity for educating upcoming cybersecurity experts. This funding will support RIT in providing free cyber evaluation services and resources to community organizations, including nonprofits and school districts.

“The expansion of our cybersecurity clinic through this partnership will give students real-life experiences and an opportunity to sharpen their skills while also helping their community,” stated Ersin Uzun, the Katherine Johnson Endowed Executive Director of RIT’s ESL Global Cybersecurity Institute. “We hope to build long-lasting relationships that can keep the talent in the region by making students aware of local opportunities and connecting the community with the talent they need to stay secure in this landscape of ever-increasing cyber threats.”

The necessity for such initiatives is underscored by the 38 percent global increase in cyber attacks in 2022, which have cost the U.S. economy heavily over the last half-decade. The U.S. currently faces a significant shortage of cybersecurity professionals, with over 650,000 roles unfilled nationwide and more than 27,000 vacancies in New York state alone.

“These clinics have been designed to provide the next generation of professionals with the tools and resources they need to succeed in the ever-growing field of cybersecurity,” Royal Hansen, Vice President of Privacy, Safety, and Security Engineering at Google, commented. “We’re proud to lend a hand to help grow a strong security workforce responsible for strengthening and protecting our infrastructure for years to come.”

Additionally, Google is contributing to RIT’s mission by offering mentorships from its own employees and scholarships for a cybersecurity certificate program.

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