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The Clyde-Savannah Central School District Superintendent has issued another statement following an incident at the high school

Following a recent incident at the high school, Clyde-Savannah Central School District Superintendent has released a new statement.

This announcement follows a press release from the Clyde Police Department earlier on Friday, which confirmed the involvement of several teenagers in the incident. The police department is now aware of a recording of the incident as of Friday.

The semifinal game that was scheduled for Friday has also been canceled in light of these events.

Superintendent Michael Hayden has commented on the school’s response to the incident.

He stated, “over the past two days the district has taken significant steps to address this situation.

He added, “I met with all staff members K-12, addressed the entire 7-12 student body, and the counseling staff has been made available to students, as we recognized support and resources are an important tool.”

Superintendent Hayden further remarked, “We are continuing to work with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation. Our district is taking this matter and all matters regarding student safety very seriously. The values of responsibility, respect, and ethical behavior are fundamental to our community.”

Details of the incident remain unconfirmed, and disciplinary as well as police investigations are underway. No arrests have been reported yet. The Clyde Police Department encourages anyone with information to come forward.

The district has provided a link on its website for resources helpful to parents and students having these difficult conversations, you can find that here.

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