‘Major’ collision in Houston, several dead and injured

A tragic event occurred in downtown Houston early Saturday, resulting in at least six fatalities and one person critically injured following a “major crash,” as reported by the police.

The incident, a collision between two vehicles, happened around 2 a.m. and was attended by the Houston Police Department, with Asst. Chief Megan Howard providing details.

According to Howard, the crash involved a black Chrysler 300, which was speeding and ran a red light, hitting a black Acura SUV that was correctly crossing the intersection.

This high-speed impact led to several occupants being thrown out of the vehicles. Furthermore, the Chrysler veered off the road and hit a pedestrian, believed to be homeless, on the sidewalk.

The collision resulted in the deaths of five men and one woman, according to the police.

At the crash site, four individuals were declared dead: the Chrysler’s driver, two presumed occupants of the Acura, and the pedestrian. Two others later died in hospitals from their injuries, Howard added.

Additionally, two more individuals were hospitalized: a woman with critical injuries and a man, who, after being interviewed by officers, is now in stable condition.

The Acura’s driver at the time of the accident remains unidentified, Howard mentioned.

Howard, in a press briefing, expressed a desire for more information, especially from an apparent SUV survivor.

During an unrelated press event, Police Chief Troy Finner reflected on the tragedy, lamenting the loss of “six young people.”

The names of the deceased, currently being verified by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, will be released once their families are notified, as stated by Finner.

A friend of the deceased homeless man, speaking to ABC Houston’s KTRK, recounted the crash’s sound as akin to “two trains crashing together,” adding that he narrowly escaped being a victim himself.

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